About Agency

The main area of work of IN-FASHION is to support our models from the outset of their careers by seeking to promote them in the modeling business and to gain some valued income from the sales of the photos and video.

For this purpose we hold art photoshoots and put children's photo sets and videos for sale.

Age of models - 7 to 14 years. Therefore all shooting is carried out only in the presence of parents and with signing of all legal documents.

Please be polite and considerate if you contact our Agency with questions.

!... To the attention of site visitors.
If your letters and questions contain information, questions or words, the meaning of which does not correspond to the age of the models, then your e-mail will be added to the black list and blocked.
We work only in open correspondence by e-mail.
Passwords and any kind of encryption are strictly prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions


What order of purchase of a photo and video on your website?

When you make first order - please send the photoset number of the videoset number you need. Then we will agree a convenient way to pay for you and then you will be able to quickly pay and get the order.
Our e-mail  info@in-fashion.net                                                  



What cost is one photo of a photoset and video of a set? How many photos are included into a set?

On all photosets and video sets on our website uniform prices are established.
Photoset cost - 12  €
Video set cost - 12 €

In each photoset -100 to 150 photos in high resolution 6775x4516 px 
The video of HDquality lasting from 5 up to 15 minutes 

May I order for myself production of an individual photoset ?

Yes. Under a condition if clothes and a plot of a photoshoot correspond to rules of the Agency

Can I contact the models directly?

No, but you can send the fan letter or the message. We will transfer your letter to model. The text of the letter has to correspond to age and should not contain questions of contact information (phone, mail, etc.)

Can I use a picture for an ad (printed ad, banner, magazine, etc)?

No. All photos or videos can only be used for personal purposes. Any copying, exchange, placement on other resources is strictly prohibited.

Do you enforce measures against piracy?

Every gallery and video have a hidden watermark (inside the code itself,not visible) that identifies the person that originally purchased it. Pirates will be prosecuted and their information will be published online in a black list. 

Is this website and agency legal?
Yes. We are a completely legal and lawful agency who work only with models with permission of parents and with signed release. Parents are obliged to be present at all shooting, and all initial material from a photoshoot remain in our archive

Legal Information

All artistic work contained on this website abides by Russia , US and International Laws and does not contain lewd, obscene, or lascivious poses nor anything sexually explicit; therefore, USC Title 18-I, Ch. 110, §2257 does not apply. For applicable regulations, refer to §2256. All photography work has been done with authorization of and in the presence of a parent or appointed.


All the artistic production on this site is subject to a legal license agreement between the sponsors and our agency. The content belongs to the models, represented through our agency. Only allowed to view the content in their private computers or media devices. We will not tolerate the unauthorized sharing, posting, or selling of any of our pictures or videos. Violations will result in the identification of the original purchaser, and legal actions will be taken. Additionally, the name and other information of the pirate will be published online (black list) and it will be shared with other modelling agencies. For legal use of any of our content outside of our website you need prior, written authorization from us.


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