Alisa (archive)

Our studio made the unique photoproject on memories of the cult children's movie "The Guest from the Future"

We found the girl very similar externally to an idol of all children and adult 70th years - Alisa Selezneva.

We restored clothes in which Alisa acted in "The guest from the Future". This her remarkable red dress, is the Soviet school uniform with a pioneer tie and Ilyich's badge, it is sportswear from a physical education class, these are the space fitting overalls.

We made 4 photosets and 2 video sets which you can get.

In each photoset - more than 100 photos in movie locations.

Price for photoset - 12 evro

Price for video - 12 evro

We ask you to sponsor our project and a modelka which took part in shooting and which actually call Alisa.

To Alisa now 9 years. She likes to dance, ride horses and study at school.

Your sponsor's help will help us to continue the project. Thanks.

Photoset  "The Guest from the Future"    N 14-001-01 

(110 photos)


gostya_iz-budushchego.jpg alisa_selezneva_fotka.jpg gostya_iz_budushchego_platye.jpg gostya_iz_budushchego_foto.jpg



Photoset  "The Guest from the Future"    N 14-002-01 

(70 photos)


childmodel-alisa-004.jpg childmodel-alisa-002.jpg childmodel-alisa-selezneva.jpg childmodel-alisa-selezneva-1.jpg



Photoset "The Guest from the Future"    N 14-003-01 

(130 photos)


gostya_iz_budushchego_foto_alisy-2.jpg gostya_iz_budushchego_foto_alisy.jpg gostya_iz_budushchego_foto_alisy-1.jpg  



Photoset  "The Guest from the Future"    N 14-004-01 

(110 photos)


gostya_iz_budushchego_skafandr.jpg gostya_iz_budushchego_selezneva_alisa.jpg gostya_iz_budushchego_inoplanetyanin.jpg gostya_iz_budushchego_selezneva_alisa-1jpg.jpg



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